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Vault for Manufacturing  

Autodesk Vault for MFG


Autodesk Vault data management technology is integrated with 3D mechanical CAD, simulation, and PLM (product lifecycle management) applications, including Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Moldflow, and the new Autodesk PLM 360 software, making it an ideal PDM (product data management) solution for managing data and processes throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Vault for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Autodesk Vault for AEC


Autodesk Vault Collaboration AEC software helps architecture, engineering, and construction teams securely manage current and historical model, design, and project data. Integration with Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD Civil 3D and Autodesk Navisworks software allow you to focus on the project, not the data.

Autodesk Vault 2021 New Features and Enhancements

CAD Integrations

New CAD Integrations

Autodesk Vault has always offered integration with Autodesk CAD software. Vault 2021 now offers direct integration with more Autodesk Digital Prototyping software, ranging from simulation to industrial design. Autodesk Vault 2021 now offers full interoperability with the following Autodesk CAD applications:

· AutoCAD LT

· Autodesk Inventor LT

· Autodesk Moldflow

· Autodesk Alias

Project Lifecycles

Project Lifecycles

Vault 2021 adds a new folder category called “Lifecycle Schemes,” which offers designers greater control and security over their file release processes. Now users are able to not only track the progress of individual files, but also manage the status of, and access to, entire projects.

PDM Workflows

Streamlined PDM Workflows

Autodesk Vault 2021 offers many customer-requested enhancements and a new look to many UI elements. The Open and Place dialog features a customizable file grid that makes searching and displaying files quicker and easier. Support for more standard Inventor workflows around drawing management, iParts, iAssemblies, and level of detail offers better control when using Autodesk Inventor software. Users can now add associated files to Vault. Now, Vault offers the ability to automatically search, find, and add your related design document—such as idw, dwg and ipn—when you check-in new model data.

SharePoint Integration

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Microsoft and Autodesk have seamlessly integrated the latest technology in Microsoft® SharePoint® collaboration software and Autodesk Vault product data management software, building a crucial connection between design teams and the extended business enterprise. Use familiar SharePoint workflows to work directly with design data, helping to simplify business intelligence, content management, search, and sharing for intranet and Internet sites.

Custom Objects

Custom Objects

Autodesk Vault Professional 2021 now permits users to define objects to store and manage unique content to fit your business process—from simply storing contact information through to creating document packages or lifecycle managed tasks. Vault introduces a new set of security levels to manage the creation of and access to custom objects, taking full advantage of the category functionality, properties, and object security provided with lifecycle schemes.


Replication Improvements

The replication tools in Autodesk Vault 2021 greatly enhance the overall speed and ease of sharing data across remote workgroups. Streamlining file ownership procedures has simplified the process of requesting file ownership from alternate sites. Replication affinity introduces the ability to set in order of preference the locations where a member server will seek to replicate its filestore data, minimizing latency in network connections.

Best-in-Class CAD Integration

Best-in-Class CAD Integration

Autodesk Vault offers direct integration with Autodesk design, simulation, and visualization software, such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Moldflow, and Autodesk 3ds Max software, saving time and helping to ensure data accuracy. Vault also offers direct integration with the new Autodesk PLM 360 (product lifecycle management) solution, enabling you to manage data and processes throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Fast Data Searching

Fast Data Searching

Autodesk Vault helps to remove a big productivity barrier that commonly hinders workgroups: hunting for data. Comprehensive search functionality in Vault enables fast and effective access to data, reducing time spent searching for digital information.

Data Reuse

Data Reuse

Vault makes it easy to reuse existing designs, so you can stop manually re-creating or duplicating complex models and drawing sets. Save hours or even days of work with the intelligent Copy-Design functionality. Vault enables you to copy a complete existing design—including all related files and documentation—for use in a new design. Vault also makes it easier to configure the files you want to replace, reuse, or copy.

Text Box: Product Data Management Fundamentals

Concurrent Design

Concurrent Design

Vault enables everyone in your workgroup to participate simultaneously in the design process without putting design data at risk. With concurrent design, Vault helps teams collaborate more effectively to finish projects faster by enabling more engineers to work on the digital prototype without overwriting each other’s data.

Data Organization

Automated Data Organization

Improve productivity with specialized functions designed to help you track, find, and organize data automatically. Saved searches and shortcuts speed data search, while productivity tools enable you to manipulate design files without breaking application-specific links. Data organization tools enable you to control indexing and access across file types, so you can improve data sharing and searching based on property sets.

Easy Administration

Easy Administration

Autodesk Vault products are easy to deploy and configure—you can start enjoying the benefits of effective product data management right away and experience maximum uptime. Intuitive administrative tools make server management easier, even for those with minimal IT knowledge.

Office Integration

Microsoft Office Integration

Communicate the complete story of your design status by easily incorporating vaulted data in documents, spreadsheets, and presentations associated with the project. Vault offers direct integration with Microsoft® Office software, enabling users to check in and out of Vault directly from Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® software. In addition, integration with Microsoft® Outlook software enables users to organize, manage, and track email communications for any given project.

Visual Data Management

Visual Data Management

Vault employs the principle of visual data management, mapping analytical report data directly onto the CAD model. With data mapping, users can highlight and easily share information, such as parts pending change, current project status, compliance status, component cost range, weight range, or design lifecycle. By enabling designers, engineers, and managers to visualize data directly within a model, Vault can help you make informed decisions quickly.

Projects and Reporting

Projects and Reporting

Autodesk Vault provides a single seamless platform for the administration of project data, enabling users to collaborate on a project basis and better organize their work. Team members can share content across projects without copying or moving files between folders. In addition, an intuitive reporting dashboard offers clear visual feedback on project status for improved workgroup communication.

Automated Change Orders

Automated Change Orders

Vault makes it easy to manage engineering change orders (ECOs) using an intuitive graphical workflow interface that helps automate the process. Design teams can choose standard or configurable processes for release and engineering change order management, helping them avoid costly mistakes and remove process bottlenecks.

Text Box: Visual Data Management and Reporting

Flexible Data Security

Flexible Data Security

Flexible security allows you to control data access, so that the right users always get the right data at the right time. Secure designs by folder or file, and restrict who can change the lifecycle state or access a file in a particular lifecycle state. Manage critical aspects of design data at every stage of the lifecycle to control data security and enforce property standards.

Multisite Scalability

Multisite Scalability

Autodesk Vault helps companies connect workgroups globally with a scalable and cost-effective solution that grows with your business, enabling workgroups worldwide to collaborate effectively from a single source of accurate and up-to-date data.  The multi-site capability is built into Vault Professional software and does not require additional modules. Keep costs low by starting offices out as remote connections—later, they can take advantage of the multisite replication capabilities as business demands.

ERP Integration

ERP Integration

Autodesk Vault Professional bridges the gap between tracking CAD design development and enterprise resource planning (ERP) management tools. Promote collaboration through integration with business systems, avoid manual re-entry of design and BOM data, and share design details with downstream users for more informed business decisions.



Customize your product data management solution to fit your company’s needs and promote your standardization goals with automatic file naming and categorization, along with property policies. Using Vault software also makes it easier to comply with international standards such as ISO 9000 and RoHS.

Revision Control

Revision Control

With Autodesk Vault, revision tracking is virtually effortless. Vault can automatically capture the revision history directly on the drawing as you work, enabling you to remain focused on designing. Vault helps reduce the chance of version control errors by securely releasing and tracking files.

BOM Management

BOM Management

Autodesk Vault makes it easy to create and maintain an accurate and complete manufacturing bill of materials (BOM) directly from your CAD model. Maintain complete control over your BOM, easily managing materials, quantities, and other required properties of the design.

Text Box: Revision and Change Management
Text Box: Enterprise Scalability

Vault Access for Non-Designers

Vault Access for Non-Designers

Allow the entire workgroup to participate in the development of the design, including non-CAD users, with the included web client. Whether they are in management or on the shop floor, team members can add, review, and manage data relevant to the digital prototype, including specifications, calculations, and presentations.







Autodesk Vault Basic 2018     Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2018     Autodesk Vault Professional 2018

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Autodesk Vault 2021 - Collaboration and Data Management Software


Autodesk Vault 2021 data management software helps organize, manage, and track data creation, simulation, and documentation processes for design and engineering workgroups. Get more control over design data with revision management capabilities and quickly find and reuse design data, for easier management of your design and engineering information.

Tightly integrated with Autodesk Digital Prototyping and Building Information Modeling (BIM) applications, Autodesk Vault data management software helps manufacturers, engineers, architects, and construction teams to more efficiently collaborate and meet tight deadlines.


· Best-in-class CAD integration - Manage data associated with the digital model throughout the project lifecycle.

· Concurrent design - Work collaboratively. Multiple users can do their work without overwriting the others' data.

· Data reuse - Find, organize, copy, and reuse data to save hours of time, so you can spend more of your workday innovating.

· Revision management -  Release and track files securely throughout the design cycle to reduce errors.

· Scalable multisite solution  - Synchronize design data among distributed workgroups with multisite functionality.


Autodesk Vault Product Line

Autodesk Vault product data management software is available in different configurations. Autodesk Vault Basic software offers fundamental data management capabilities. For more advanced PDM functionality and features, we offer a premium line of Vault software, including Autodesk Vault Workgroup and Autodesk Vault Professional software.


Autodesk Vault Basic 2021

Autodesk Vault Basic, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, helps manage and securely store design data allowing users to organize all engineering data in a centralized location and reduces the time needed to find, reference, and re-use design data. As product designs evolve, version management in Autodesk Vault Basic provides protection from unintentional overwriting of good designs. In addition, users can save hours of valuable design time with the powerful copy and re-use capabilities that reduce the time required to start a new design.


Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2021

Autodesk Vault Workgroup, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, helps designs teams easily create and share digital prototyping information by securely organizing, managing, and tracking data from a central location. Design teams can administer access and control, allowing team-based development across disciplines to quickly find and track the when, why, and who of design changes. Team-based collaboration helps users gain productivity without disruption to their natural design workflows. In addition, Vault Workgroup delivers revision and lifecycle control processes directly in the design application, which can result in faster cycle times and better-quality engineering data.



Autodesk Vault Professional 2021

Autodesk Vault Professional software, securely stores and manages engineering information, design data, and documents – shortening the design-to-manufacturing process. It helps design, engineering and manufacturing departments collaborate and share digital prototyping information with multisite tools to connect workgroups across discrete locations. Take full advantage of advanced functionality by giving design departments the tools they need to track engineering change orders, manage bills of materials (BOMs) and promote earlier collaboration through integration to manufacturing business systems.


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